Alexander U. Adler

Welcome to my website.


I love collaboration, communication, and problem-solving.


Most recently, I have been learning data science at the New York City Data Science Academy. I have grown proficient in the R and Python programming languages for data collection and cleaning. I have honed my skills in supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods as well as linear and non-linear regression analysis. My goal is to use this knowledge to solve real-world problems where the solution might lie in seemingly intractable amounts of data.


I am an avid proponent of science outreach and communication, having co-founded the Ready Set Go program at Northwestern, designed to teach graduate student researchers how to share their work with audiences of any size and background. Just as it takes a great deal of training and effort to become a great researcher, it takes discipline and practice to become a great communicator.


As a PhD Student in Materials Science at Northwestern, my work centered around uncovering the origin of charge carriers in the indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) system which people are interested in for transparent semiconductor applications, like flat panel displays. I did this by investigating the defects in the material, i.e. the chemical imperfections that leave behind or trap charge-carrying electrons. It's a really promising material and is already being used commercially by companies like Sharp. Because it can be processed at room temperature, it is also being investigated for applications that leverage flexible/wearable electronics. In order to continue the technological advances and further the understanding of devices that use this material and those like it, it is important to understand the origin of charge in the material.

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